We are the teachers, police, firefighters, nurses and other public employees of Oregon. These are our stories.

Public employees work hard to serve our state.

We teach Oregon’s children in overcrowded classrooms, buying classroom supplies when budgets are low. We run into burning buildings to keep everyone safe, putting our lives on the line to protect our communities.

We work hard and we are proud of our public service. Even though many of us earn much less than we would in the private sector, we believe in serving our community. In the past, there was a fair exchange promised secure retirements. But now, that retirement is under attack.

CEOs of some of the biggest corporations in Oregon recently called for cutting PERS retirement benefits 30% by taking money from our Individual Employee Accounts to backfill the pension. That’s just not right.

Here you will learn the real stories of Oregon’s PERS members. We hope you will join us in calling for Oregon to keep its promise.

The proposed cuts to our retirement are:

  • Illegal: The state cannot cut benefits earned by current public employees to pay the benefits for retirees. The Oregon Supreme Court has spoken. They cannot take money from our individual retirement accounts to balance the budget.
  • Unfair: The proposals are a state raid on the OPSRP individual retirement accounts for working people to pay pensions for people already retired. That’s passing the buck to us for the state’s responsibility.
  • Extreme: PERS members who have done the math say this will cut their benefits as much as 30 to 40 percent.