Stay informed on how the 2017 legislative session affects PERS

Northwest Labor Press: PERS under threat … again

If it’s unfair to burden current employees, who should shoulder the burden? Unions have an answer: The one group that’s done very well in recent years — big corporations and those in the top 1 percent of incomes. Right now, according to a study by accounting firm Ernst & Young, Oregon has the lowest “total … Read More

PERS changes would hit newer, younger workers harder

Register Guard “Even though I didn’t cause (the PERS unfunded liability), I’m being asked to pay for it,” said Emily Gothard, a paralegal at Portland State University since 2013. “That’s unfair.” “Brandon Silence, 35, a Salem firefighter, said the three PERS reforms that currently are receiving the most consideration would cut his estimated monthly pension … Read More